"Instrumental" is an exploration of 6 Windsor artists and the objects that made them who they are. Join us as we venture through the lives of these incredible creators as they discuss themselves, their art, and demonstrate the techniques that make them unique. From song-writing to glass-blowing, this is Instrumental. (Windsor)

Series produced by Pretty in the Algorithm & Bell Media
Available on the Bell FibeTV1 Network
Max Marshall
Max Marshall is a folk musician specializing in finger picking. Max talks about the mystery that surrounds the guitar he wrote his first album on, how instruments can change their players, and delights us with a story about jumping off a train. Watch until the end for an exclusive performance.
Don Livermore
Dr. Don Livermore is one of few master blenders with a PhD in brewing and distilling. Dr. Don tells us all about his fascinating Whisky Wheel, a concept of his own design that takes you into the mind of a blender and visualizes all the possibilities for flavour.
Ostoro Petahtegoose
Ostoro Petahtegoose is an indigenous and nonbinary metalsmith. Ost gives a heartfelt discussion on a sculpture they created to represent the crushing pressure of colonial society and the responsibility they feel to use their artistic platform to give voice to people like themselves.
John Alvarez
John Alvarez is a chef and restaurateur who was inspired by a cartoon chef holding a whip. John talks to us about his journey to being head chef and how on his way there he realized instead of building hierarchies he wanted to build families.
Kris Gene
Kris Gene of Soffi Studio is the spokesman for this incredible glassblowing team. Kris gets into the details of the process of taking glass from a powdered substance to something recognizable. We also get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Soffi Studio process and watch a massive project from start to finish.
Tony Coates
Tony Coates is a charismatic singer-songwriter who found solace and safety in the piano. Tony takes us through his life growing up feeling like an outsider, learning about himself and others through music, art lessons, and punk shows. Watch until the end for an exclusive performance.
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