Forged from motor city steel and weathered by the winds of the west coast Syx Langemann has returned to the Windsor area ready to create engaging images with new clients. 
Syx’s career has been long and varied. He started shooting in 1993, and honed his vision and talent at the University of Windsor where he graduated with a Fine Arts degree in photography in 1999. That’s when his life and career took a big turn. He decided to sell almost everything he owned and moved to Vancouver to try life on the west coast. There he formed the art collaborative Fracture Industries with Steve Cole and Graeme Burgland. His involvement in this group and the art community aided in getting his fine art photography noticed by his peers, The Douglas Udell Gallery and even used on the television series, The L Word.

His interest and passion in photography pushed him beyond the arts and into other facets of the industry, branching out into creative portraiture, teaching photography, and even working larger commercial clients. Though rooted in the arts, Syx’s understanding of the camera and his versatility helped form relationships with companies like John Casablancas, Army and Navy, The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, as well as with his recent work with the Ballet BC.
 Syx’s understanding of photography and light isn’t one that is experienced often. He has not only been shooting for over 20 years and has taught photography since 2005, but he has had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most well known photographers. His friendship and photographic relationship with National Geographic photographer and Nikon representative Joe McNally is a big inspiration to Syx. This can be seen in the way he sees photographs and the way he uses light. In fact, Syx and Joe shared the cover and feature story in September’s issue of Nikon Owner Magazine.
Since his return to Ontario in September, Syx hasn’t been sitting on his laurels. He’s produced the photos, full CD layout and website for the local band SieraSlave, He’s has shot cover stories for The Urbanite and is now a regular contributor and he’s also put the finishing touches on the photographs for a big Vancouver restaurant, The Emerald Night Lounge.
Finally, and more unexpected than you’d think, when he has time away from clients and his own personal projects, he spends his weekends (mostly in the summer) with his wife Taryn photographing weddings.  
When asked about this Syx says that weddings were an unexpected area of photography for him to get into, but it seemed like a natural progression once Taryn started shooting along side him, perfecting her natural light talents photographing their newly formed family.
“I'm surprised how much I enjoy shooting weddings. We have had some great clients that have become great friends. The photos we produce are cherished forever and that makes me feel great. The best thing is that each and every wedding day is a test of my photographic skill and knowledge. You have to pull from almost every aspect of photography in an 8 hour period. I love the challenge of shooting weddings and I really enjoy spending the day shooting with my wife.”
So please take some time to look at all of Syx’s work, it will take you on a journey, and it will take some time, enjoy.

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