one of these days...
This was taken in the alley up the street from our new place, around 10th behind the King's Gate Mall. I was supposed to have this up a few days ago for Taryn's birthday, you know a sorta dedicated Graffito to my beautiful lady on her birthday, but I am a few days late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARYN This graffito reminds me of our little Hanna. She will be turning 1 on May 10th. If you would like to follow her blog check it out at
I was out shooting this morning, I had a totally different goal in mind, a totally different path I was going to travel until I hesitated at the end of an alley.
I thought for a few moments, a noticable few moments and decided to turn left into this alley I have walked down before. 
I guess my guts/intuition was awake on this fine Monday morning.
I think if there are any parents out there with younger children, 
the irony of the matress in the alley and the plea written above really sums up parenthood. 
Maybe a ? instead of an ! would be more appropriate
As a photographer I ask myself this question a lot. 
Sometimes the subject is obscured and that obscurity 
is often created by our own lack of vision.
Well, in case you readers haven't read through other social networks... 
Taryn & I are expecting our second child. We seem to be getting a lot of snickers from our friends that currently have two kids. 
Is this meant to be some sort of hidden warning?
My ideas are just like music, there are a lot them that I don't like the sound of. On the other hand, when good ideas start flowing it's like good music, and I can't get enough! Currently, the music is on loud, and it sounds great! What sound track do your pictures have?
This one is for my daughter, and a little bit for me. Hanna & I share the Month of May for Birthdays. Hanna was born on mother's day, May 10th, 2009. It changed our lives.
I was born May 24th & I married Taryn who's birthday is April 30, almost May day. We wed on Friday the 13th of last year. We found out around valentines day of this year
that we are expecting our second around Halloween.
I guess I have a thing for Holidays. Happy birth May to all you other May babies out there. It's a great month for a bithday.

I guess I have a thing for Holidays.
Happy birth May to all you other May babies out there. It's a great month for a bithday.
I don't usually photograph anything but writing for this project, however, this needed to be shot. I took it on Tuesday. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
Sometimes people don't say the things they mean. Truth lies in the shadows. Did they know how the shadow of the fence and the barbed wire would comment back? "I feel trapped, But I still love you." I love moments when random words and light play together nicely.
The alley behind the school where I teach has been getting cleaned up lately. The tenants are changing and the alley is looking a whole lot different.
Tonight, as I was riding down the alley before class, I encountered a new tenant telling the old 'tenants' that they could no longer sleep in the entrance way to the building. 
The man under the blanket grumbled something at the man.
I don't think they were so kind, nore do I think they were his last. 
His choice sleeping area is just left of this, now covered, NoGraffito.
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