In the garlic field, 2009
Green Machine Catering were pitching themselves to the Food Network and I was lucky enough to photograph their promo piece. The original idea was to photograph them with these vehicles in an old car junk yard, but once we got to the yard we realized these huge beutiful trucks were not going to fit in the narrow rusty lanes left for us, so we had to make a new plan. We moved to this location and worked as best we could we the strong light of the day. Nikon D3, 18mm, Pocket Wizards and a variety of strobes ranging from a Photofoto 7B to a Speedotron 1205 and some other small flashes. 2011.
In her garden
Ian McKay
Leamington Pier
Eric and his Packard
blogger at large.
Orbax & Madame Harpie
Heather, Dave & Alexis
Band: Preston & Fletcher
The Narrow Restuarant
Jewelry maker Dustin Koch of Duko Designs
This is my Great Uncle Jack standing infront of his barn that was build in 1906. It withstood the F4 tornato that hit Leamington, Ontario in 2010. Just to the right of the frame is a newer steal barn that didn't fair so well. The door was found 400 meters across the road. My uncle was 89 in this photo, and he's lived on this property since the 30's. Nikon D3, SB-900/910. 2012
Eric Eyes
My cousin and her 'modified' doll.
Showing off his latest stunt that he will be premiering at Fright Nights this year.
The Monsters of Schlock for Ripley's "Dare to Look, 2013."
Jay and Gino from Motorburger.
Steve Cole from Ashlar Tattoo
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